Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Worm Witch

There are a few out there who know about a project I have been working on called "The Worm Witch," and there are even fewer who know about the origins of the tale. The Worm Witch could raise the dead, being one of the Nine great witches of our time. You might see her story here soon, in fact, if I can ever bring myself to share it (I'm a greedy artist sometimes).

Something rather odd happened to me this morning: last night was filled with awkward dreams and slight echoes of old friends and their betrayals. I don't know if I was thinking directly about the Worm Witch while I dreamt, but I know I had thought about her before I fell asleep, even if the thought was fleeting. Well, I opened my eyes this morning and found a tiny, brown worm staring at me. Literally. It was sitting up, it's midsection bent, and it was looking at me inquisitively. I'm not sure where he or she came from but maybe, perhaps, I called it in my sleep...?

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