Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something Amazing

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Anonymous said...

Like I said before (yes, i am the same girl who left a comment on your him post..) you don't know me.
But i think your writing is beautiful, and i feel as if i can empathize.

you do, however, know some of my friends (which is how i got to your blog..) and you seem like someone i would want to be friends with.
But frankly my dear, i do not possess the courage to add you on myspace, or something like that, and frankly, in my twisted mind it seems that it would be more... i dont know how exactly to describe it, like something out a book, i suppose, and less terrifying if i was just someone.
Anyhow, i love your writing, and commend your bravery in putting these things where any eye can view them.
I wish i had that kind of courage.