Sunday, August 10, 2008

Empty Hands and Sad Smiles

Must we fall into temptation? Let's play a game instead. Hold your hand out and whoever grabs it first belongs to you. Most cases you'll win, in some you'll lose because that person who grabs won't always follow the rules. So listen like a good little girl and leave such games to those who can handle empty hands and sad smiles. Laugh but don't you dare find the humor in the joke. You never found these things funny before. What's happened? What's changed? Those rose-blushed cheeks and kohl-lined eyes hold no appeal to them. Red, red lips are what they are looking for--lips that leave stains on their skin--and girls who are more like the cloying type of perfume that lingers where it shouldn't--longer than it should, and you were always too good at being forgotten. You don't stand a chance, little girl.

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